We are happy to take claim for accidents on the road or a public place which involves a motor vehicle.

These are the following criteria which you may fit in to as a driver of a vehicle:


  • Collision with another vehicle on the road where the other driver is at fault.
  • Motorbike having an accident with another motorbike.
  • Replacement hire vehicle accident with another vehicle where the other vehicle¬†is at fault.
  • Accident abroad involving the driver.
  • An accident involving the driver due to a poorly maintained road surface.

These are the following criteria which  you may fit in to as a passenger in or out of a vehicle:


  • Accident involving a passenger.
  • Passenger or cyclist hit by a vehicle on the road or a public place.
  • A passenger involved in an accident in a results of another vehicle being at fault e.g. A passenger in a bus or taxi or relatives/ friends car.
  • Accident involving passenger due by poorly maintained road surfacing.
  • Accident involving uninsured drivers.
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